Things to keep in mind while preparing general awareness

Important Points to keep in mind while Preparing General Awareness for IBPS PO exam

Be aware of your Syllabus

The first thing you should know is that the syllabus is divided into three sections:-

  • Current events and issues of national and international importance

Current events and issues of national and international importance from the previous six months are included in this category. More attention should be given to the recent events. Sports, Science & Technology, Politics, Awards and Honors, Summits, Latest Budget, Business, Economy, and other topics are covered. The maximum of the questions will be about current events – you can expect 20-25 questions about current events/affairs.

  • Static General Knowledge Questions

These questions test your knowledge of various facts that will not change. History, Geography, Indian Constitution, Indian Parliament, Books and Authors, Countries – Capital/Currency, Culture, Sports and Trophies, Inventions, and Discoveries are examples of general topics. This type of question has the least weightage – expect 8-10 questions of this type.

  • Banking Awareness

The history of banking, banking abbreviations, banking, and financial establishments in India, the Reserve Bank of India and its laws and regulations, bank rates, KYC, and other topics may be covered in Banking Awareness questions. There will be 12-15 questions about banking awareness on the paper.

What are the ways to Prepare for competitive exams?

  • Form Reading Habits

You will need to read a lot because the General Awareness section covers a wide range of topics. As a result, make it a habit to read. Each of the three categories of questions requires a significant quantity of reading. Β Read newspapers, current affairs magazines, general knowledge books, and banking awareness books. You must read newspapers and magazines on a daily basis for Current Affairs. You can also read the most recent yearbook published by any major publication.

  • Take Notifications

As you read newspapers, magazines, and other books, make a note of the various important points, such as important dates, who’s who, scheme names, abbreviations, and so on. This will help with retention. The notes will also assist you greatly in time-bound revision.

  • Regularly watch television

Observe the news channels on television. This will also improve your general knowledge. A good news channel will provide a daily bulletin. Watch a popular Indian news channel as well as major foreign news outlets, particularly CNN and the BBC. Make it a habit to watch the news every day. During your bank exam preparation, this will keep you up to date on current events and what’s going on around the world.

  • Review Previous Year Questions

It is essential to practice previous year questions when preparing for the IBPS PO General Awareness section. This will give you an idea of the types of questions that will be asked in this section. Then, while studying, you can concentrate more on that specific type of information. For Static General Knowledge, practice as many previous year questions as possible. Concentrate mostly on questions from the previous year’s exam. Static GK has a small number of questions, so don’t spend too much time reading for it. Focus on current events and banking information.


  • Regularly revise

You must revise frequently because this area asks you to memorise and retain a huge amount of material. You’ll forget and go blank throughout the exam if you don’t. As a result, go over your notes on a frequent basis. If taking notes seems time-consuming, highlight important ideas when studying and go over them again while reviewing.

  • Get Banking Awareness Books to help you prepare

Read books that contain up-to-date information about general or current events. Choosing banking awareness books wisely will undoubtedly aid candidates in learning the proper information. This section of General Awareness is not limited to banking awareness books or static GK; it includes all current banking schemes, numbers, profits, and so on. As a result, candidates must ensure that they select the best general and banking awareness books for their preparation.


  • Always Have Everything at Your Fingertips

Although the syllabus for the IBPS PO General Awareness section is vast and it is humanly impossible to complete everything, make sure that whatever you finish is done correctly and that all information about those topics is at your fingertips. The topics for Banking Awareness, in particular, are comparatively limited when compared to the other two categories. So make an effort to finish and memorize them.

  • Exercise Caution

You must regularly practice questions and take quizzes to test your knowledge of current events and general / banking awareness. Mark the questions you get wrong and go back over them later.


  • Don’t Waste Too Much Time on This Section

Do not spend too much time on this section because it is highly unpredictable and has a large syllabus. At the same time, keep in mind that you must pass this section’s cut-off to be eligible for the IBPS PO Main exam. As a result, make appropriate plans.

You should also take full IBPS PO mock tests so that you can see how your performance in one section affects your performance in the other. Taking mock tests will also help you improve your test-taking skills and identify your weak spots.


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