Preparation tips and tricks to crack SBI Clerk exam 2022


The SBI examination is a tough one and hence, requires solid preparation. Below are some tips and tricks  through which candidates will be able to perform better in their 2022 exam.

  • Have a proper study plan and regularize it.
  • For preparing English, learning grammar is a necessity.
  • Make sure to study all the rules and fundamentals for preparing the SBI clerk reasoning part.
  • For scoring numbers in General Awareness, make a list of all topics first followed by making a weekly timetable for preparation of each and regularizing it.
  • After all parts preparation, from time to time attempt mock tests for better time management and nerve control.

To crack any bank exam, it is a must that you have a detailed study plan and preparation strategy. It’s very important to understand your strengths and weaknesses as it will help you out in having better time management for every topic.

Let’s have a detailed look at how to prepare for the SBI Clerk bank exam.

1. For the English Language:

There could 2 scenarios:

a) Your basics are quite strong and b) Your basics are weak. For the second scenario, the preparation of English will be in 2 parts.

If Your basics are strong:

  1. Keep reading newspapers daily, and take mock tests regularly and passionately.
  2. Analyze your mock tests, find out areas you are struggling with, work upon them and you’ll be to score well.

If Your basics are not strong:

  1. The first thing you have to do is buy a ‘Wren and Martin’s book for grammar, read it thoroughly, and try to understand it.
  2. Vocabulary is not something that you can learn overnight, so for learning better vocabulary read newspapers, novels, magazines, or simply anything that contains at least fluent English. This will help you a lot not only in learning new words but also in framing sentences from them.
  3. Whenever you come across a new work, search for its meaning right away. As such you’ll not only find its meaning but you’ll also be able to see similar words/ words meaning the same.
  4. And finally take mock tests regularly, analyze their results and work upon them.

2. For reasoning and computer aptitude:

  1. One of the major parts of the reasoning is covered with puzzles/seating arrangement questions. These questions are very challenging. If you don’t have command over it, right away practice it more and more so you don’t lose a single mark in it.
  2. There is no specific trick to solve reasoning except practice so focus on practicing more.
  3. If you are someone who is not good at solving puzzles and arrangements, then focus firstly on the miscellaneous part.
  4. Venn diagram method is quite helpful for Syllogisms.
  5. Computer aptitude doesn’t require much focus as it covers questions that will be logical, flowcharts and diagrams.

3.  For quantitative aptitude:

  1. In this follow the rule Quality over Quantity. Give maximum time to the portions in which you are strong. Practice it to the hardest level possible.
  2. Improving speed and accuracy is a must for scoring in this section.
  3. After studying each topic, solving the maximum number of questions take up to 3 days time.
  4. Solve at least 50 questions every day.
  5. Here also mock tests will play a vital role in better time management.

4. For General/Financial Awareness:

  1. This section requires memorizing many facts and events. So follow the strategy of association for memorizing. It will help you a lot.
  2. For every new article you read, make sure you can answer questions like- (What, Where, How, Why, and When)?
  3. For Financial awareness preparation you should read and see business and economic news every day.

Lastly, revision is a key to scoring good marks.

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