Important Tips to prepare Mathematics for Competitive Exam

Important Tips to prepare Mathematics for Government Job Exam

So, here are some pieces of advice to guide you excel in the Math section:

1)  Strengthen your basic concepts

During a timed exam, saving time can help you get through more questions, and this can be accomplished simply by memorizing formulas, identities, and tables, such as:-

• Memorize tables and squares up to 30, cubes up to 20, and prime numbers up to 200.


• Recall percentage-related fractions up to 1/20 (for example, 14 = 25%).


• Recall key trigonometric formulas, such as Pythagorean triplets, to decipher oral calculations and save time.

• This will culminate in speed questions on topics like number systems, ratios and proportions, profit and loss, speed and time, vectors, and so on.

2) Manage time properly

For each candidate, the competitive examination may be a test of time management. As a result, as a candidate, you should devote time to each area rather than focusing on just one. If you only have three months until your exam, your main focus should be on using those 90 days to prepare for all of the topics. Try controlling your time so that you can get through the easy topics faster and focus more on the high-scoring themes.

3) Work Smartly

Instead of working hard, it is necessary to work smartly by applying shortcut techniques. Wherever possible, use hit and trial approaches, as some questions may be solved simply by eliminating options.

4) Practice daily

‘Practice makes perfect,’ it is a well-known indisputable fact. Whether it’s mathematics or logical reasoning, if you start practicing a neighborhood on a daily basis, you’ll have fewer possibilities of making a mistake. Dedicate a few hours a day today to become an expert on the issues presented. However, if you don’t practice consistently, you’re more likely to make silly mistakes during the exam.

5) Enroll in test preparation program online

There are numerous internet websites, many of which are free. You’ll check in with those websites that protect themselves against the quantitative section for a fee. Having a clear picture of the exam format and planning your time accordingly can help you target more questions. This test is virtually identical to the actual exam and will assist you in recognizing what occurs during the important exam.

6) Determine your strength and weakness

Everyone prefers to solve only those areas in which they excel, which allows them to skip over many issues in which they are weak. This could be a waste of time, and it won’t help you go over to the top. Instead, make an effort to specialize in the weak sections so that you can master them.

These are a few crucial steps that will help you perform well on the exam. These can assist you not only brush up on your basic math skills but also manage your time for preparation. For more related information , you can visit our Website.

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