Tips & Exam Strategy to Crack Reasoning for Government Job Exams 2022

Tips & Exam Strategy to Crack Reasoning for Government Job Exams 2022

To solve the reasoning section for competitive exams, candidates only need to use their presence of mind and a few tricks. So, take a look at the section below for some golden tips and tricks on how to solve the reasoning section in competitive exams. In most competitive exams, questions from the Reasoning Section are asked. And if you know How to Prepare for Reasoning for Competitive Exams in 2022,  you will be able to easily improve your score and chances of passing any exam.

In competitive exams such as SSC, Bank, UPSC, IBPS, RRB, and others, questions from the Logical Reasoning/ Verbal Reasoning/Non-Verbal Reasoning sections will be asked. To improve your reasoning section command, solve puzzles, play quizzes, soduku, and mind efficiency games.

Strategy for Reasoning Preparation

Reading, practicing, and hard work is all that are required in this Reasoning section when preparing for Bank, Railway, SSC, and UPSC competitive papers. Many candidates took competitive exams but did not pass them because they did not plan ahead of time.

If you begin your preparation by analyzing which subjects take the most time and which require the most effort, it will be very easy for you to prepare.

Reasoning Questions and Answers

Deepak told Nitin, “That boy playing with the football is the younger of the two brothers of my father’s wife’s daughter.” What is the connection between the football player and Deepak?

Son \Brother \Cousin \Brother-in-law

Answer: Option 2

Preparation Strategy for Reasoning for Government Job Exam 2022

Coding and decoding, inequalities, syllogisms, puzzles (especially seating arrangement), blood relations, and many other topics are covered in this list. Whatever the topic or situation, if you learn these tricks, you will be able to answer any question.

Below are some points you need to keep in your mind:-

  • Suitable Study Material

You must gather appropriate study materials for your reasoning test preparation, such as IBPS 2022 Reasoning and others. If you have the best preparation material, it will help you analyze what is given in the question and note it properly on a piece of paper to help you solve it better.

  • Interpretation of Data

This section of the reasoning sections covers a major section because it contains a plethora of graphs, charts, and tables from which you will have to glean and analyze data, and one must be perfect in the basic formulas and tables at least 2 to 20 so that it helps you in solving mathematical problems quickly.

A simple trick to improve your reasoning is to first understand the problem that the question asks for, and then you can easily provide the appropriate answer.

  • Inequalities in Coding/Mathematics

In Mathematical Inequalities, candidates must understand what each symbol represents, and the most important thing to remember is that you must focus on the details or you will lose marks.

To solve any problem, use the appropriate tricks and methods. Furthermore, practice more from the quizzes as this will help you understand the concept of the specific examination. You can also get help from the articles listed below:

  • Inequality with a Code
  • Inequality in mathematics.
  • How to Prepare for Syllogisms

This is also the most important part of the reasoning section because it includes questions from the logical reasoning abilities. To prepare for this type of question, you should start by reading articles on Syllogisms such as Concepts of  Syllogism or any other related to it.

It will undoubtedly aid in understanding the exam concept. However, candidates should remember to allot equal time to each question so that they can complete the entire section in the allotted time.

  • How to Prepare for Coding and Decoding

In this section, candidates must give proper time to the numbers and alphabets in the given code, as well as determine whether the sequences in the questions are ascending or descending.

For the best preparation for this topic, candidates should solve relevant puzzles. This will greatly help in improving your problem-solving skills and, as a result, your reasoning power. Aspirants can also read related articles such as Coding-Decoding for Bank Exams and Shortcut to Solve Coding-Decoding.

  • Organizing and Ranking

The reasoning is divided into several sections, the most important of which are Critical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Reasoning Data Sufficiency. If no conclusions emerge, try eliminating options based on the information provided to find the correct answers. Remember that the given problem will be solved solely by the data provided; make no assumptions or judgments while answering the question.

  • Analog

In this section, candidates must answer questions from the topic, as shown in the examples below. It will teach you the concept from which questions will be asked and how questions will be asked in this section. Check to see if there are different types of analog from which questions are being asked.

Example 1: Analog Pair Completion

  1. a) River b) Sea c) Water d) Waves Oasis: Sand: Island:


The first pair is “Oasis: Sand,” and the second is “Island:” ‘Oasis’ is a body of water surrounded by sand, and ‘Island’ is a body of land surrounded by water.

It would be Island: The first pair had been Oasis: Desert.

We are given the name of the material that deserts are made of, namely sand.

So, we’ll use the name of the substance that makes up the sea, namely water –

(Example 2): Simple Analogy

What is Sweet to Chocolate, and what is Book to…?

  1. a) A dictionary; b) A library; c) An encyclopedia, and d) An atlas


Chocolate can be sweet or bitter, but the term “sweet” refers to the enlarged form of the word “chocolate.” Similarly, a ‘Encyclopedia’ is a larger version of a ‘book.’

Some Important Methods for Solving Reasoning Test in Competitive Exams

  1. The answer to a reasoning problem is always hidden in its question, so the question must be carefully understood.
  2. The given data/diagram is the most important part of the question, so pay close attention to them.
  3. Improve your ability to solve mathematical problems that will help you manage your time.
  4. Directions must be correctly known, i.e. which direction is East, West, North, and South.
  5. Remember the order of the alphabets, i.e. which alphabet comes before/after the specific alphabet, as well as their numerical position from 1 to 26.
  6. Imagine the object in 3D, as you would a dice or a piece of paper, and it will assist you in solving the relevant problems.

These are some tips and tricks to help you prepare for competitive exams in 2022. You can improve your preparation by solving the previous year’s question papers/sample papers or taking an online mock test. Your knowledge and accuracy will improve as a result. You can get an idea of the type of questions by looking at the above-mentioned reasoning questions and answers (asked in competitive exams).


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